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Lowrance HDS-7 Carbon + C-MAP Insight Pro & Total Scan Transducer 000-13677-001

Lowrance HDS-7 Carbon + C-MAP Insight Pro & Total Scan Transducer 000-13677-001
Lowrance HDS-7 Carbon + C-MAP Insight Pro & Total Scan Transducer 000-13677-001
Lowrance HDS-7 Carbon + C-MAP Insight Pro & Total Scan Transducer 000-13677-001
Lowrance HDS-7 Carbon + C-MAP Insight Pro & Total Scan Transducer 000-13677-001
Lowrance HDS-7 Carbon + C-MAP Insight Pro & Total Scan Transducer 000-13677-001
Lowrance HDS-7 Carbon + C-MAP Insight Pro & Total Scan Transducer 000-13677-001

Lowrance HDS-7 Carbon + C-MAP Insight Pro & Total Scan Transducer 000-13677-001    Lowrance HDS-7 Carbon + C-MAP Insight Pro & Total Scan Transducer 000-13677-001
NOTE: THESE UNITS ARE NOT GEO-FENCED. THIS MEANS THEY WILL WORK WORLDWIDE! The HDS Carbon was designed for the angler who wants to experience the very best performance; this is why fishing pros use the HDS series more than any other fishfinder. Lowrance has been the leader in fishfinding technology since inventing the recreational fishfinder in 1957. The HDS Carbon carries on the tradition of providing you with the most effective & easy to use, tools you need to find more fish, including the brightest and clearest SolarMAX HD screens, the fastest chart redraws and sonar updates, plus built-in Lowrance CHIRP sonar and StructureScan® 3D capability. FishReveal Smart Target Viewing A massive leap forward in fish-finding technology, FishReveal makes it easier to see fish on DownScan Imaging. Unlike traditional CHIRP views that provide strong fish targets, but lack refined structure detail, or DownScan Imaging that provides photo-like images of the bottom and structure details but shows fish targets as tiny dots -- FishReveal Smart Target Viewing blends the best data from both, eliminating the need for split-screen viewing and interpretation.

TotalScan Transducer The TotalScan marries up Broadband Sonar, CHIRP Sonar, StructureScan® HD and DownScan Imaging technology into one easy to use package. This makes it possible to target fish and search for fish-holding structures with the same transducer. TotalScan gets rid of the need for multiple transducer installs.

StructureScan® 3D You can easily pinpoint fish locations and key fishing areas in and around structure where the fish hide with the three-dimensional views of StructureScan combining enhanced SideScan and DownScan Imaging. SideScan gives you picture-like views up to 600 feet to each side of your boat, while DownScan Imaging with FishReveal makes fish identification easy, using high-detail images of cover and structure below your boat. You can also place waypoints on favorite fishing areas and revisit them again and again with the powerful navigation capability of HDS Carbon. Add a StructureScan 3D transducer and module to unlock the full potential of your fishfinder.

Live Network Sonar You can cover more water in less time when viewing sonar from up to two transducers at the same time on the same display with Lowrance exclusive Live Network Sonar. Dual-Channel CHIRP Deep water and trolling anglers will never miss a fish when watching two Lowrance CHIRP frequencies at the same time on a dual-channel CHIRP split screen. To get the most out of this feature, run a High CHIRP panel for the best target separation close to the bottom or of the tight schools, a Medium CHIRP panel will cover the widest area this is ideal for watching bait schools under a transducer in shallow water or go deeper with a Low CHIRP panel to cover more of the water column. Plug and Play Compatibility You can easily build a system around your HDS Carbon with Lowrance performance modules.

This means that you can really get the most out of your investment and out of your time on the water. You can include Broadband Radar, SonicHub®2 Marine Audio, SiriusXM® Marine Weather and audio, DSC VHF, as well as industry-leading technologies, like Mercury® VesselView® Link, Bluetooth® control of Power-Pole shallow water anchors and the SmartSteer interface, featuring control of MotorGuide® Xi5 trolling motor and the Lowrance® Outboard Pilot. This means backup and restore waypoints, routes, trails and display settings directly to your mobile device. It is also easier than ever to protect your valuable fishing data against loss or theft.

C-MAP Navigation Palette C-MAP charts just got a major upgrade in readability that is most apparent near shore, where colors used for land, docks, anchorage areas, water, and channels are nicely differentiated and water contour lines are distinct. The new palette makes it easier to tell where the boat is in relation to a channel, navaid, ledges and drop-offs, or a point of land. The color scheme is also much easier on the eye. Automatic Routing Get faster and easier navigation with automatic route planning.

This feature simplifies route creation by automatically plotting the shortest and safest course based on the boat's draft, beam and height; creating a route around a landmass, shoals and other fixed navigational hazards. Autorouting requires a C-MAP MAX-N+, Navionics+ or Navionics® Platinum chart.

High-Visibility Color Sonar New dynamic color range and tone strength provide high-visibility contrast never seen in scanning fishfinders. A wider range of color enhances the quality of photo-like images of SideScan, DownScan Imaging and StructureScan 3D.

Just as the human eye compensates for varying degrees of darkness, High-Visibility Color Sonar automatically enhances brightness in darker areas, while simultaneously preventing overexposure in brighter areas. This extends the visible range, making it possible to see what is in the shadows close to the boat or more than 100 feet away.

Internal GPS antenna With 10Hz position update rate provides ultra-accurate trails, smoother chart performance and maximum position accuracy. Precision-9 compatible The Precision-9 Compass supplies accurate heading and rate-of-turn information to Lowrance autopilot, radar and navigation systems over an NMEA 2000 connection. With an internal array of solid-state sensors constantly measuring motion and orientation on nine axes, the Precision-9 also provides pitch and roll data to compatible equipment. Extensive mapping options HDS Carbon includes built-in world background reference map, and compatibility with the most expansive selection of cartography on the market.

Mapping options include Insight Genesis, Insight PRO by C-MAP, Lake Insight HD by C-MAP, C-MAP MAX-N+, Navionics® and more. Insight Genesis custom maps Make your own maps using recorded sonar logs, upload data to an Insight Genesis® account, view secure custom chart detail online, add optional custom color layer, vegetation and bottom-hardness overlays and download to a microSD card for use on the water. Plus, you can also share custom maps with the global Insight Genesis Social Map community. Multi-view and chart sharing View two charts simultaneously, in 2D or 3D perspective view, with independent control, range and overlay capabilities.

Bright new display has widest viewing angles; processor is ultra-fast. Brilliant new SolarMAX HD Display: HDS Carbon Fishfinder/Chartplotters feature an ultra-clear SolarMAX HD multi-touch display using high-brightness LED backlighting and advanced anti-reflective coatings to create wider viewing angles in any lighting condition. Superior color accuracy and boosted high-resolution viewing panels provide dazzling views of todays leading sonar, even when youre wearing polarized sunglasses. Quick Dual Core Processor: Dual core high-performance processors deliver faster redraw speeds and quicker response times for dual-channel CHIRP sonar, dual network sounder views, StructureScan 3D® and StructureMap. Split-screen views show all this and your charts at the same time.

The dual core processors have enough reserve brute strength to drive future high-powered fishfinding upgrades. Easy to operate; easy to connect: HDS Carbon also brings modern smartphone-like usability with integrated wireless and Bluetooth® connectivity that supports the most advanced marine technology, including a Network Analyzer that notifies you when new software is available, and a system Service Assistant that allows you to transmit a detailed report of your electronics network direct to technical advisors for custom hands-on assistance. Your network hub: HDS Carbon can view and control Mercury VesselView® Link, pair with Power-Pole® shallow-water anchors, and control SmartSteer trolling motor/outboard motors.

Many safety and entertainment plug-ins are available to complete your network. What's Included In The Box?

The Lowrance HDS-7 Carbon with C-MAP Insight Pro and Total Scan Transducer Bundle ships with the following items included. TotalScan Skimmer Med/High 455/800 Transducer. HDS-7 Gen3/Gen2 Gimbal Bracket and Knobs. Set of 3 x 3-amp Fuses. Display Type: LED-backlit SolarMAX HD multi-touch LCD.

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 600. Receiver Type: 10Hz internal GPS/WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS.

Included Cartography: Insight PRO US by C-MAP (on a card, map is not preloaded). Optional Cartography: Insight Genesis, Lake Insight HD by C-MAP, C-MAP MAX-N+, Navionics.

Supported Frequencies: 455/800kHz (StructureScan 3D/HD), 40-60kHz, 85-145kHz, 130-210kHz (CHIRP), 50 kHz/83kHz/200kHz (Narrow Band). Depth: CHIRP: 3500'; StructureScan 3D: Side scan: 600', DownScan:300. Transducer: StructureScan 3D transom mount. Data Interface: NMEA 2000, NMEA 0183.

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Lowrance HDS-7 Carbon + C-MAP Insight Pro & Total Scan Transducer 000-13677-001    Lowrance HDS-7 Carbon + C-MAP Insight Pro & Total Scan Transducer 000-13677-001